The Garden As a Place of Refuge

Friday morning, May 20, I went to the garden to open the shed for Julio Orantes who reported for his community service volunteer work.

At the lone bench located on the Oscar Street side, I saw a woman in deep conversation with a young girl. Initially, I thought it was Tessie with one of her wards. The woman waved at me and said," Hi, Elvie, it's me. I hope you don't mind me escaping to the garden for some quiet time with my student."

The woman was Margaret Clark, Principal at Mare Island Elementary School, who was trying to calm a student by taking her away from the classroom to the garden for some quiet conversation. I said, "Go ahead, take your time, this is what the garden is for."

The sight of Margaret with her student having some quiet time in the garden is beautiful to me. It proves that VPG can be a place for healing and refuge. Too bad I did not have a camera to record that magic moment. But I am sure everything worked well with Margaret's student.
Sis. Elvie


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