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This week...

  So many good things have happened to us this week. First, a neighbor donates this beautiful aquaponic system to us at the VPG.  Vegetables can be grown in the horizontal containers that is lined with lava rock and filled with water while fish can be grown in the bottom 55 gallon container. Water is cycled throughout the system to hold the fish, filter the water, and water the plants. So cool! Second,  Saint Vincent's Community Garden also in Vallejo, CA have partnered with the Global Center for Success and Vallejo People's Garden to create more spaces for gardening, opportunities for education, and beautification of urban, empty lots. Third, we went beyond the VPG to the Reynaissance Family Center--a homeless shelter for women and children--to help them grow their own garden. Little Michael was a natural at planting greens. Trina and Tom putting together a recycled shelf for the new greenhouse at the Reynaissance Center. Little Jack planting carrots for t