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Our location on Mare Island is a little isolated, and it is expensive to transport students to an off campus site. We decided to build a mobile garden to deliver education opportunities directly where they are needed: schools, other gardens, and festivals. It will carry tools, seedlings, container gardens, cooking equipment, and displays. We got the funds ready (PB cycle 1 Gardens and Nutrition) and started looking for a vehicle. After months of searching, Dennis Scarla, Michael Mees and Meriel Melendrez drove this 1993 Ford E-350 shuttle bus from Redwood City back to Vallejo People's Garden. Once the good folks at Tommy's Auto Repair finish patching a leak on the fuel line, we will be ready to transform it into a garden classroom on wheels. We need your help! Do you have any spare parts for a large vehicle, like shelves or an RV shade? Do you have an aptitude for tinkering? Do you have great ideas for garden classes on the go? Are you a gardener, artist, mechanic, or ch