Recent pictures of our Kentucky Wonder pole bean bed grown in very depleted soil . The major difference was that one side got a very thin layer of compost and alfalfa meal and the other side did not.

Thanks to the beans nitrogen fixing capability no major difference in bean production was noticed. The unfertilized/uncomposted side (left side, top picture) appears to have a little less plant growth due to one of the hoops not having vines. The back side (bottom picture) is a different story....both sides of the bed (left side-fertilized and right side-unfertilized)  have equal amounts of green growth on the hoops.

The take home message is that when soil appears to be depleted of nitrogen (yellow stunted plants or low N confirmed by soil test), legumes are a good choice. (Thank you Tom Liggett for this great demonstration idea!) 


Thank you everyone who attended our August 18th Community Potluck! You were great company and the food you brought was delicious!
Community Potluck Saturday, August 18th 4-7pm! (Please bring a side dish)

Volunteer Event Sunday, August 19th 4:30pm to 6:30pm. (We will continue harvesting, also need help with watering, weeding, and turning the compost heap) Please bring gloves, scissors (optional, for harvesting) and sturdy shoes.


We had a great time harvesting August 12th, 2012. (Pictured L to R) Evelyn, Ryan, Apar, Fred, Sandra, Huong, Rebekah, Amber. Also present (but not pictured): Jeannie, Sister Elvie, Russ. Thank you everyone who attended!!! You make our program work!!

Here is a basket of greens, squash, tomatoes, and peppers delivered by Sandra to the veterans over at the Mare Island VA hospital. Thank you Sandra!!      

The rest of the harvest was delivered to the Betty Frank Senior Lunch Program (in North Vallejo) the next day. 

Betty Frank, who has run the lunch program since 1997, currently operates from the North Vallejo Community Center at 1121 Whitney Street (cross street Fairgrounds). She is open Monday thru Friday 11am to 3pm providing lunches and social activities for local Seniors. For more information (or if you would like to donate to her program) please call 707-554-3936.