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Earth Day

Members of the Vallejo People's Garden at downtown Vallejo's Earth Day celebration. Sister Elvie, Darren, Kimmie, Amanda, and Vilma showcasing re-purposed plastic containers provided by Coca-Cola. Shout out to Coca-Cola and River Network for their support of the Vallejo People's Garden. Coca-Cola provided plastic containers and River Network provided diverter and linking kits for our rainwater harvesting class scheduled Saturday, May 5th. For more information, contact us at Re-purposed plastic containers for rain barrels serve as a blank canvas for VPG volunteers/artists John McGuire and Jessy Chua. Kimmie with her work of art.

Giving Back to Veterans

Would you believe we harvested over 105 lbs of carrots (tops and all) from the Vallejo People's Garden over the weekend? Here's where some of those carrots went to: Mario Moreno, Navy Marine Corp, served 32 months in Vietnam, Joe Vargas, Air Force, served in Vietnam.

Spring Harvest

Check out the mother lode of vegetables that we harvested recently--lots and lots of carrots, herbs, cabbages, artichokes. Tom with the HUGE cabbage he started from seed. He doesn't want to harvest this baby because he wants to see how BIG it will get. The record cabbage tipped out at 125.9 lbs from the state of Alaska. Sister Elvie with a bouquet of artichokes harvested from our garden. We have over a dozen artichokes growing from a single plant. And to think last summer, someone chopped down this one artichoke plant thinking it was a WEED!


A community garden wouldn't be complete without a greenhouse. Thanks to dedicated volunteers and master carpenters Jim McCoy, Russell Jenkins, and Dennis Scarla, we can now grow seedlings in our new greenhouse!!!