Volunteer Day, June 25, 2011

When the Vallejo People's Garden needed an irrigation expert, we met Jimmy Domino who was willing to volunteer his time to help us install the irrigation system for the garden--just in time for the summer. The system he is installing should help us to conserve water and provide the needed coverage for the plants to receive the right amount of water at the right amount of time.

Jimmy Domino giving Harry McCray a lesson on installing an irrigation system. Jimmy will be back on Friday to help us complete the drip system to the rest of the raised beds. Come on by if you'd like to help us finish installing the irrigation system. For more information, contact us at

Our tomatoes are getting bigger so Nick had to make wire supports for the bed of tomatoes. VPG is really lucky to have a consistent group of loyal volunteers like Nick. Nick usually shows up and helps us with the 'physically challenging' duties at the garden before he goes for his Saturday afternoon hike. Thanks Nick!

Laura putting up the wire supports for the bed of tomatoes. She also pruned them by pinching off the bottoms of the tomatoes so the tomatoes can grow bigger and better. With so much care given to the vegetables and tomatoes at the garden, they should be very tasty come harvest time!

Sister Elvie securing the irrigation hoses to the soil. Beautiful day to work in the garden--temperatures today were in the low 70s--great California weather!


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