Volunteer Work Day, June 11, 2011

Manjinder, Anna, Sister Elvie, and Russell harvesting our first batch of purple potatoes! It was like finding buried treasure! It was so cool to stick our hands in the soil and pull up a beautiful purple potato!

Mmmmmm!!! Anyone have a good recipe for purple potatoes!

One of the younger members of the Vallejo People's Garden: Anna (Sister Elvie's granddaughter) with the freshly harvested red beets. How healthy and beautiful Anna and the red beets look!

Sister Elvie harvesting red beets. We'll be donating the vegetables we harvested today to the Christian Help Center.

The corn and green beans were looking a little yellow so Amanda added organic fertilizer to the beds.

Amanda lovingly caring for the bed of green beans. The green beans are certainly going to thrive now that Amanda has provided them with organic fertilizer.

Dennis custom making staples for the irrigation hoses using wire clothes hangers. Good thinking Dennis! It's always good when you don't have to spend any money on something new--just reuse what you already have.

Master carpenters, Doug and Chon, adding the finishing touches to the Vallejo People's Garden bulletin board. It looks great guys!


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