Why Pallets Are Awesome

Pallets are not just an efficient way to safely carry and transport goods. They are a wonderful resource for making all kinds of cool stuff! From tables to beds to wall art to planter boxes, the possibilities for DIY (Do It Yourself) creations using pallets are limited only by the scope of one's imagination.

Here we have a tutorial on making a planter out of a single pallet:

And here are some inspirational examples compiled by a DIYer who calls herself the Backyard Diva (click the link and be amazed): PALLET CREATIONS GALORE!

Depending on your own personal style, you can express yourself and your home/garden as someone who is modern, rustic, whimsical, classic, cutesy, playful, artistic... and you can impress your IKEA- and Pottery Barn-obsessed friends with your own brand of self-taught craftsmanship.

The best part? You can often find pallets FOR FREE. They are usually lying around the loading docks of grocery/hardware/supply stores, and just about anywhere that transports supplies and goods into a building. Just be sure to ask before taking a few, and the workers might even thank you for taking the "clutter" off their hands.

HAPPY PALLET-HUNTING! And be sure to post pics of your finished pallet projects!



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