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Hello fellow gardeners,

On Sunday, when we were digging holes to plant the new seedlings in, I found a visitor to the garden I’d like to introduce you to.

Don't be fooled by this kinda cute little critter. If you have him stay in the garden, he will not want to leave and he will invite his other bad friends.
Just between us, these juvenile delinquents will become bad members of the gang JB or Japanese Beetles. Here are their markings: metallic green thorax and copper wings.

They will devour the food you are laboriously growing in the garden mostly the leaves of beans, squash, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, peas, and tomatoes! (No!!!) until they look like this:


So if you see that kinda cute little grub in the garden, just sing ‘No, I don't want no grub. A grub is a bug who'll get no love from me!’ and give ‘em to your friends who have chickens who would gladly eat them! Or just squish ‘em but whatever you do, get rid of them or they’ll wreck havoc in the garden!



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