Laundry to Landscape Workshop

With California facing severe drought, many folks have been thinking about ways to save water. The Vallejo People's Garden have collaborated with The Solano County Water Agency and Vallejo Water Division to offer two free workshops on how to reuse the water from the laundry for use in the landscape--one of many ways to save water.

2 workshops available - Sign up for both

Greywater 101 Workshop - Monday, October 12th - 6:00 to 7:30 PM, Florence Douglas Senior Center, 333 Amador Street

Hands-On Workshop - Saturday, October 17 - 10:00 AM to 12:30, Vallejo People’s Garden, 1055 Azuar Drive, Mare Island

What You’ll Learn
􏰀  The basics of greywater what it is and what it is not
􏰀  How to design a system for your home and landscape 
􏰀  How to build a system- you’ll create a “mock-up” of a real system with real greywater parts 
􏰀  What parts you’ll need for your hom
􏰀  How much greywater you produce and how many plants you can water 
􏰀  What soaps and detergents are “greywater friendly” 
􏰀  What you can and cannot use greywater for 
The workshops are freeand open to all Solano County residents. Attendance for the hands-on workshop at the Peoples Garden is limited, so register early.
For more information or to register, email Andy Florendo @ or call Roger Judy at 707-648-5299.

The Solano County Water Agency & Vallejo Water Division And Special Thanks to the Florence Douglas Senior Center & Vallejo Peoples Garden 


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